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Indescribable and undefined...
Would you care to look inside my mind?
Hello!! Happy 4th of July!!

This year, Independence Day will be awesome!! Last year, it was extremely boring because a certain somebody didn't feel like doing anything...Anyhow, I don't want to drone on about that. I just want to focus on how much it is going to kick ass this year!! My Mom is in town and we will be heading to Safety Harbor really shortly. They are going to have live bands and a street fair. Later on, of course, there will be fireworks. From the advertisements I have heard, it seems like it will be spectacular!!

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Wow, I cannot believe that Twenty-ten is almost gone!! Dang, this year has been the fastest of them all!

While some negative crap definitely went down, it was overall a good year. There is, afterall, no such thing as a perfect calendar year. The reasons why I say that it turned out to be a good year are because I got my own apartment in an area that I love and because I am now a full-time employee with AGS (I was a temp before).

My relationship with Dave had been going downhill for quite some time. As I had mentioned in a previous entry, I was devastated at the idea of breaking up but soon decided it was definitely for the better. Once I started to focus on getting a place of my own (which I had been dreading), I got hopeful and excited about my new adventure. For moving at the last minute, I found a great apartment complex to live in that is close to my job.

As for my job, I was a temp until just earlier this week. For a long time, I had been close to full-time (but still technically with the temp agency of course). Then, at the company Christmas dinner earlier this month, the offer was made to me!!! I was so above the moon!! Yeah, I am ecstatic to be getting a more secure position with benefits and everything!!


My kitties are doing great. This has been a good year for them too. They are really enjoying their new home =)

Here's to a Happy 2011!!!

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Well, once again, I have gone AGES without updating. I'm sorry about that. I really am...

Anyhow, I have had quite a bit going on as of lateCollapse )

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Current Music: The Travel Channel =)

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I'm sick and fucking tired of feeling underappreciated and INVISIBLE!!!! Why, why, why do I even bother??

I figured out a long time ago that "fitting in" is a bunch of bullshit...But goddamn it!!! All I want is a few friends and a boyfriend that care about me and enjoy my company!! I'm not asking for the moon!!!

I don't want to be a last resort option; I don't want to be a fucking consolation prize!!!

I am so ready to say "to hell with most humans" and move to a deserted island already!!! If my personality isn't compatible with most humans, then why the hell not??

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Wow, I am 30 years old today!!! I can hardly believe it!!!

If somebody would've asked me a few years ago to predict how I would feel about this birthday, I probably would have replied with how I expected to dread it....Well, that has definitely not been the case!! I woke up feeling great today and this has been a fabulous birthday!!

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I might feel ridiculous and ashamed later on for thinking this...

Anyhow, it really sucks how a certain someone ignores me (or criticizes me when he actually is aware of my presence). Before, when things were great he couldn't get enough of me. I was one of the first people he turned to. Now he leaves me out of the loop. By the time I hear something, it is more than likely that it is old news. I mean what the fuck is the point of even having a girlfriend if you treat her that way?

He alludes to how he thinks he was not ready for a serious relationship and is now pushing me away. I asked him a few times if he was ready and he swore that he was. If he had any inkling that he wasn't he could've fucking said so. Even if it was the day before I fucking drove down here!!

If things don't turn around really soon, I am out of here!!! Needless to say, I won't be able to be friends--at least for awhile!!!

Maybe he'd be better off doing the flavor of the month thing!! Maybe women who want something REAL should just run the fuck away!!!!

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Happy New Year!!!

I can't believe it is 2010!!! As the title implies, I am pronouncing it that way...

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Meowy Christmas!!!

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I should really just move to a deserted island already....

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